9th March 2017…Technical Trading Levels for Nifty and BankNifty Future


Shortterm Bullish Trend continues for BankNifty and Nifty Future trading with a  Bearish outlook

Watch for TrendLine Support of 20586 and 8926 …Below this level…No Positional Longs

BNF: Sell on Rise to 20861 with strict stoploss @ 20927…..Target for daytraders @ 20651….(Strictly no Positional Shorts )


Buy on Dips to 20651 with Stoploss @ 20586..Intraday Traders Exit @ Target of 20861..and others Keep for Positional Target of 21158


NF: Sell on Rise to 8983 with strict stoploss @ 9003…..Target for daytraders @ 8921….


Buy on Dips to 8921 with Stoploss @ 8902..Intraday Traders Exit @ Target of 8983…(No Positional longs Recomended)